March 26, 2020: You can listen to Patrick’s BRAND NEW 2020 CD, as the tracks are being recorded, by clicking here. (Link will take you to Patrick’s new website.)

You can enjoy Patrick’s entire 2014 CD, free of charge, using the following playlist:

You can also download a zip archive of all of the mp3 files to your computer.

4 thoughts on “CD”

  1. It was thrilling to be seated in the front row for your performance last night at La Costa Glen, Carlsbad! At the first notes of your first song, I thought the magnificent voice I was hearing was somehow part of your magic act!!

    So glad to find I can order CD’s. I hope you will accept payment.

    I’m not into “downloads”. Seated at the computer is not where I want to listen to music. Guess I’m s’posed to know how to make my own discs, but I don’t.

    Warm best wishes,
    Lois Lighthart

  2. I just saw your show at Church of the Good Shepherd in Arcadia.
    Your voice is amazing and breathtaking!!! Thank you!
    Take Care!

  3. Hi Patrick –

    My dad introduced me to your music (Julian Ertz in Laguna Woods) and when I went to your website I saw that you have a free CD available for mailing. How would one obtain that? I’d love to get my dad a copy. Of course I’d love to get one as well, after hearing you online.

    My dad is the man who has told you that if Ezio Pinza weren’t able to make a show you would be the perfect fill-in. He also compared you to John Raitt. He’s very much looking forward to hearing you Friday afternoon at Heritage Pointe. As they say, ‘break a leg’ (without doing so, please).

    Many blessings,
    Dr. Bera Dordoni, N.D.
    BASTIS Foundation
    …working to bring you a choice…

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