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Opera-Kadabra on KFI AM 640 Bill Handel Show!

bill_handel_thumbCropI did some show tunes for a party at Bill Handel’s house over the weekend and he did a plug on his morning show! Here’s the link:




3 thoughts on “Opera-Kadabra on KFI AM 640 Bill Handel Show!
  • Hi Patrick, Nice talking with you today and we are really looking forward to you performing for us on 2/26. I listen religiously to Bill Handel but never heard him talk about you. He is great to listen to.
    Okay, waiting for your info in the mail and I will get a check out to you.

  • Alice Yensen says:

    Thanks for a terrific show at Riviera Club today. You were amazing and kept the audience stunned and amused for over an hour!!
    Alice Yensen

  • jeff says:

    AMAZING!! sounds great. Pat, you were great and my great grandfather was truly amazed by your abilities. thanks, again!

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